Thrills 50 Days of Summer Day 49

The Thrills 50 Days of Summer event is only two days away from closing. This past week was quite nice considering Thrills had some really cool events like giving away a PS4/XBOX.

Overall, these past 49 days have been more than just “good.” What kind of casino offers bonuses for 50 days in a row?! Let me tell you, Thrills casino does.

Today, they’re adding a bit of twist to their bonuses.

Thrills 50 Days of Summer Day 49 – 14 August – Mystery Gift

Usually, Thrills announced what you will receive for your deposits. Whether they are free spins or reload bonuses, Thrills let us know.
Today, there’s a twist. We can’t exactly tell you what you’ll be getting when you deposit. The one thing that’s certain is you will receive more as your bonus when you deposit more.

For instance, if you deposit €20, you will receive much less than a customer who deposited €100. They might receive additional bonuses like a reload bonus of 50% and 20 free spins.

While the gift is a mystery, Thrills has a track record of giving away awesome bonuses during their mystery promotions.

To receive your mystery package, simply click the link below: