South Park: Reel Chaos – Bonus Round

NetEnt’s Official YouTube channel has released a video showing off the bonus round for the new South Park: Reel Chaos slot.

In this video, you can see the player has entered the bonus round by triggering 3 bonus symbols.

South Park: Reel Chaos Bonus Round Explained

The concept of the bonus round is you must defeat 4 enemies to a maximum of a x4 multiplier bonus.

The first round appears to be against simple evil minions (hamsters) that do no harm to you. Well, relatively no harm. They are “KO’d” relatively easily.

The next boss in line is “General Disarray,” a redheaded boss with tinfoil glasses. You, Mintberry Crunch, will not have a hard time with this boss either. By the time this showreel gets past the second boss, the player has accumulated a total of 7050 coins.

The next boss is Professor Chaos, a super evil villain portrayed by Butters. It’s not so easy beating Butters- I mean, Professor Chaos. At the end of this battle, the player has accumulated a total of 14,340 coins. The boss round will only get harder at this point where Professor Chaos turns into a more evil version of himself – the Anime Professor Chaos. In this showreel, Mintberry Cruch is too weak to defeat Anime Professor Chaos but still manages to win 16,620 coins in total, or €3,324 – not bad for a bonus round.