NetEnt Blocked in UK? Casinos Leaving UK

It has been a hectic week for the casinos and players with the new UK laws.

Many players have reported that the NetEnt games were not available to play – many speculations rose as to why this had occurred.
One player suggested that it might be due to the new UK regulation changes while another player mentioned it has to do with NetEnt waiting for operators to receive a valid license in the UK.

While NetEnt has not released an official statement on the matter, it seems that the normal operations are back up again.

In the mean time, the matter has been somewhat cleared up through Jan, the Affiliate Manager of L&L Europe:

There was a temporary disturbance of the net ent service which has nothing to do with UK regulations.

In other news, many casinos appear to be leaving the UK market because of the new regulations.
John Hughes of Vegas Palms sent out an e-mail stating that they “…will unfortunately not be operating within the United Kingdom for much longer.” They are now directing players to Betway, one of the partner sites of Vegas Palms.