No More Full Tilt Poker – Full Tilt Gaming

The APCW (Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters) has reported that Full Tilt Poker has rebranded themselves to Full Tilt Gaming. Although their website still states Full Tilt Poker, their aim is to convert to Full Tilt Gaming to provide support for more than just poker players. Both of their .com and .eu sites have changed into

This news pertains to us because Full Tilt also has a section for “casino” where players can play a bunch of different games including slots.

APCW show host J. Todd reports,

“Many in the industry suspect this is a move toward a company simply called ‘Full Tilt Gaming’ and great diversification on their part”

While Full Tilt Gaming shows great promises of change, we believe that it’s a simple re-branding of the name to better market themselves as a provider of all casino-related games rather than just poker. Since its launch, Full Tilt Poker (or Full Tilt Gaming now) has been adapting well with all markets. This re-branding is a great move on their part and we wish them all the best.

J. Tood’s informative report from APCW Perspectives Weekly is shown below: