APCW – Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters

The Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters was founded in 2003 by J. Todd and Anthony Telesca. The association is for those who partake in the online gaming industry regardless of status. All players, casinos, reps, affiliates, etc are welcome to join – in fact, encouraged to join to promote honesty, integrity and transparency within the online gaming industry.

One great thing that’s come out of the APCW is their web show: Perspectives Weekly.

The show is hosted by one of the founders J. Todd where he goes over different news within the industry to shed a light to the viewers and followers.
They also have a section for old podcasts if you cannot watch the videos.
Unfortunately, they have not released a new podcast since the end of 2010.

Another great resource at APCW is their forums.
This is where thousands of people gather to discuss all sorts of things related to the industry as well as other things (such as tech-related things).
They also have subforums where members can speak in different languages so the forums is also multi-culture friendly as well.

APCW has a section for upcoming events such as Affiliate summits, or Gaming summits as well as Expos. They are all listed in a nice organized fashion on their events page.